DAI-NIPPON provides Hot Forging Machine for Aluminum and Hot Forging Machine for Steel with high efficiency, high quality and high stability.

When hot forging dies exposed to severe mechanical ans thermal cyclic loading, it would produce hot wear, cracks, and plastic deformation. Good hot strength materials are used to prevent this situation. Hot Forging can apply to connecting rod, steering linkages, suspension arms, control arms, etc.

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Low Pressure Casting Machine

From Continuous Melting Furnace to Low Pressure Casting Machine, the moving process is by Automatic Pouring Furance.

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professional low pressure casting machine
Low Pressure Casting Machine

Clamping Force Capacity:2,270 kg/hr

Ejector Force Capacity: 1,170 kg

Hydraulic Power: 85KW

Holding Furnace Capacity: 600kg

Machine Weight: 11,500 kg


Pouring Furnace

Aluminum Alloy Holding Furnace

Low Pressure Casting Machine is the latest model that is successfully researched and developed by us based on years of experience.

Die casting parts from Low Pressure Casting Machine can produce: Aluminum wheel, Cylinder block, Cylinder cover, cylinder head, Car structure parts, Gearbox, Gear.

Low Pressure Casting Machine features:

*Being specially constructed with patented ceramic bricks, the heat retaining furnace is ten time the life of a common lead crucible, saving furnace-making materials and increasing efficiency.

*Employing reflective type furnace-air heating method, the unit can precisely control liquid temperature of gate, greatly increasing the production of conforming products.

*Adopting advanced servo-feedback pressure control, the unit has a decomposition capacity of 0.001kg/cm^2, and can automatically follow up and compensate for micro pressure variation such as back pressure and air leakage. Stress curve can be easily set, and remain stable.

*Stress curve display monitor allows operators to clearly read the difference between a set curve and an actual stress curve, and to compute ideal pressurizing conditions(optional)

*Liquid level sensing circuit provides precise control of liquid extrusion time, increasing liquid extrusion efficiency and strength of casting parts (optional).

*Temperature and time are controlled with a four-circuit mold temperature cooling system that can precisely control mold temperature, increasing product quality and shortening die-casting time.